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Baby Cupcake Hat

In my circle of friends and family right now there are lots of people having babies. Lots and lots. “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage…” It seems like everyone has collectively chosen 2010 to move into the ‘baby carriage’ stage. This fact sometimes overwhelms me just a […]

Baker Brown’s Bagels

While my hubby is always an obliging taste tester for my recipes he’d have little interest in making cakes or cookies himself. When pressed into dinner duty he will usually suggest ordering in. This kitchen apathy is ok with me. Most of the time I enjoy cooking, it’s my domain – plus it means hubby […]

Camomile Cupcakes

A cup of tea should always be accompanied by a nice sit down and something sweet – preferably a biscuit for dunking or a big slice of cake. I think I enjoy the ‘nice sit down’ almost as much as the tea itself… sitting down, chatting with your fellow tea drinkers and a brief respite […]

Lolly Cake

In my pantry for several months now I have been hoarding 2 treasured items – a packet of malt biscuits and a bag of fruit puffs. These items are precious to me because they are indigenous to New Zealand (like me) and they cannot be found on the shelves here in Ireland – believe me […]

Strawberry Lemonade

We had a little soiree this weekend, a housewarming party of sorts. As well as a chance to introduce my beloved home it was an excuse to invite good friends around to share yummy food and laughs. With the sun shining this weekend I decided the perfect drink to serve for our housewarming was strawberry lemonade. Strawberries are sweet little mouthfuls of summer for me. Blended up and stirred into a tall glass of lemonade they packed a big summer punch!

Creme Brulee

Creamy sweet custard covered by a smooth hard layer of browned sugar, classic and exquisite. Making the first crack in the crust of a good creme brulee is one of the simple pleasures in life. For my husband, creme brulee also happens to be the pinnacle of desserts, his kryptonite. Restaurant choices have been known to be made based on the presence or absence of creme brulee on the dessert menu.
This recipe meets with the approval of my discerning hubby and will definitely be used again when I want to whip up a special dessert at home.