Baby Cupcake Hat

In my circle of friends and family right now there are lots of people having babies. Lots and lots. “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage…” It seems like everyone has collectively chosen 2010 to move into the ‘baby carriage’ stage.
This fact sometimes overwhelms me just a little bit and makes me wonder – did we miss the memo or something?! … but mostly I’m delighted for every one of them and excited to meet all these cute balls of squish as they make it into the world.

Lots of babies means lots of baby showers and lots of baby gifts. So, I’ve been brushing up on my very novice knitting skills so that I can make some cute baby hats, booties and other goodies over the next few months. This is the cupcake hat I made this week:

The hat is based on a pattern I found at Chile Con Yarne. I also read some instructions here on how to adapt the pattern for smaller sizes. I think its just adorable, the very definition of cute.

My version came out a little pouffy on top because I didn’t pay strict attention to the pattern and the top section of my hat ended up in garter stitch rather than stocking stitch as shown in their pictures and it decreased twice as quickly at the top! I still think it came out cute though and would look oh so precious on a teeny little baby head!!!

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