Epic Fail Blondies

It wouldn’t really be honest of me to show you only the beautiful dainty things I bake. Because, truthfully sometimes the things that come out of my oven are not pretty at all.
See, look at these:
mini blondies - fail

Ewww huh?! They’re supposed to be blondie bites – blondie batter baked in mini muffin cups. They were going to be fabulous. I used my favourite lime green polka dot liners. I was going to top them with a swirl of caramel and share these little mouthfuls of delight at an upcoming baby shower. But instead, these blondie bites will be hidden in my kitchen cupboards and picked at over the next few days and then banished from my memory.

What went wrong? I’m not 100% sure. The recipe looked good before baking, and the final mess tastes great. The only thing I know went wrong is that I overfilled the muffin cups. With only 1/4 teaspoon of baking powder I was sure they wouldn’t rise very much… so I filled them 3/4 full. In the oven these little babies grew and grew and grew. Then they spilled out of their tins, made a big gooey mess and then they sunk. *Sigh* sometimes unpredictable things happen in the kitchen.

What did I learn? Sometime my assumptions are wrong. Always try a recipe in its original, intended form before attempting adjustments. This particular recipe may work wonderfully in a brownie pan, but perhaps is not so great for mini muffin tins. Lesson learned.

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