Afghan Biscuits

Afghan Biscuits are not, contrary to their name, from Afghanistan. They are a New Zealand recipe. Where the name comes from I don’t know exactly but these little cookies are a mainstay of the home baking container in New Zealand.

afghan biscuits

Real talk… these biscuits are not pretty. They’re lumpy and odd-looking with a heavy slathering of chocolate icing and half a walnut plopped on top. That’s it. But, what they lack in looks they make up for in flavour. These cookies are soft and crumbly like shortbread with a little crunch and chew to their texture from the cornflakes. The chocolate icing balances nicely with the drier biscuit. The walnut on top always seemed a bit odd to me but is definitely essential as it wouldn’t be an Afghan biscuit without this!

Of course the main draw of Afghan biscuits for me is that they are from New Zealand. It’s nice to bake something that’s uniquely kiwi, both to share with friends and to enjoy a taste of home.

I used this recipe from Allyson Gofton’s ‘Bake: Favourite Homemade Recipes’. There are many other recipes online, all along similar lines. The key components are flour, butter, sugar, cocoa and cornflakes. It’s hard to go wrong with this one.

afghan biscuits closeup

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