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Christmas Gingerbread

gingerbread decorating

Last year I made my first gingerbread house and enjoyed the making and eating of it so much that I decided it should become an annual tradition for our little family. This year, little M was old enough to join in the fun too. I decided to make some mini houses this year and also […]

Happy 1st Birthday!

elmo birthday cake

Tomorrow my little M will be 1 year old. He has grown from a teeny ball of sleepy squish into a pint-sized ball of never-ceasing energy and noise. Scrambling around the house on all fours, little M is always exploring, and already showing his personality and asserting his little will. The 12 months since he […]

One week later

little foot

I haven’t been online a whole lot lately. I’ve missed my usually daily reads, no laughs with Joy, no foodie inspiration from here or here or here, and no daily dose of PW. I’ve let it all slide by this week because something else very important came along… Let me show you: This teeny tiny […]

Reality Check

sausage and chips

Sometimes life doesn’t deliver the truffles and macarons you were expecting. Sometimes out of the blue you end up with this: This is the well balanced and nutritious hospital meal I ate tonight from my bed. Yup, that’s sausage, bacon and chips. For dinner. In a hospital. I’ve also eaten fish and chips 3 times […]

Baby Shower fun

baby shower decorations - nappy cake, flowers, cupcakes and sweets

Over the weekend I helped throw a baby shower for a very dear and amazing friend who is expecting her first baby in October. The lime green and white themed shower came together really well and was so much fun to plan for. I made cutesy shower invites, bunting, nappy cake, onesie sugar cookies, oreo […]

Summer Weekends

Bubble of bliss

This is the view from my living room today: I stand on the balcony with the sun on my face and fishing boats quietly drifting by and at that moment I’m in my own tranquil bubble of bliss and all is well and I am thankful. That is all. I’m off to enjoy the summer […]