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Lemon Coconut Cake

coconut lemon cake

This cake is as simple as it gets. 6 ingredients in a bowl, mix, pour into a loaf pan or 6″ cake tin. 45 minutes baking time and you have cake! I like the dense coconutty texture of this cake and the chewy golden crust. It’s perfect straight from the oven, also delicious for dessert […]

One week later

little foot

I haven’t been online a whole lot lately. I’ve missed my usually daily reads, no laughs with Joy, no foodie inspiration from here or here or here, and no daily dose of PW. I’ve let it all slide by this week because something else very important came along… Let me show you: This teeny tiny […]

Christmas Stollen

Stollen Wreath

Along with the traditional christmas favourites, I baked something new this year. Something I can’t believe I’ve never tried before. I’d like to share with you my new found christmas joy: Stollen. Stollen is a sweet German bread / cake filled with citrus peel, dried fruits, almonds, spices and sometimes marzipan. Its got all the […]

Baker Brown’s Bagels

While my hubby is always an obliging taste tester for my recipes he’d have little interest in making cakes or cookies himself. When pressed into dinner duty he will usually suggest ordering in. This kitchen apathy is ok with me. Most of the time I enjoy cooking, it’s my domain – plus it means hubby […]