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Rasberry Macarons with Chocolate Ganache Filling

macaron feet

Peeking anxiously through the oven door I was thrilled to see rows of smooth round tops with signature ruffly edges underneath. “Feet eeeeek! They have feet!!!” I gushed. Jumping, clapping and happy dancing ensued. Macarons have been my baking nemesis for some time now. I’ve attempted them many times without much success. They’ve been too […]

Banana ice cream with cinnamon biscotti

banana icecream with biscotti

There is an edge in the air this week, the first reminder that summer is packing her bags and will soon be gone for another year. This makes me sad. I console myself in the knowledge that when autumn arrives, it will bring wonderful things like cinnamon, pumpkin and hearty soups. In the meantime, I’m […]

Berry berry slice

blackberry raspberry slice plated

Summer is my favourite season and fresh berries are one of my favourite summer things. This slice tastes like summer. A thin buttery crust topped with plump blackberries and raspberries nestled in a custard pie filling. Nuff said. Here’s the recipe, do try it. Berry berry slice Loosely adapted from here 1 cup white flour […]

Balsamic Strawberry Ice Cream

balsamic strawberry ice cream

The Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker that I was so delighted to receive for Christmas has been sadly idle for the last 7 months. Not due to a lack of interest on my part – I’ve been itching to use it for months, but because until now our freezer has been too small to fit the […]

Sticky Rum and Date Cake

sticky rum date cake

Life is in flux for me at the moment. We will soon be moving our little family to a new home, in a new city, in a new country. This big move has come somewhat unexpectedly. If I had a ‘5 year plan’ for my life, this would certainly not have been in it. Never-the-less, […]

Lemon Coconut Cake

coconut lemon cake

This cake is as simple as it gets. 6 ingredients in a bowl, mix, pour into a loaf pan or 6″ cake tin. 45 minutes baking time and you have cake! I like the dense coconutty texture of this cake and the chewy golden crust. It’s perfect straight from the oven, also delicious for dessert […]

Caramel Apple Tart

apple galette

With all the rain we’ve been having lately it feels like summer is long gone. It’s been gone for weeks. I’m already missing the seaside walks, picnics in the park and daylight till 11pm. On the plus side, autumn means the start of warm winter desserts like this caramel apple tart. Caramel Apple Tart 3/4 […]

Bacon and maple syrup

bacon snap baskets with maple mousse

I’ve seen plenty of quirky recipes before for sweets and baked goods containing bacon – chocolates, cupcakes, donuts etc. At first glance, the idea makes me a little squeamish – bacon does not belong in a dessert, right? But… sweet and salty can play very nicely together sometimes… and bacon surely makes any dish taste […]

Banoffee Entremets

banoffee entremet

I’ve been participating in “Daring Bakers” challenges for 6 months now. The Daring Kitchen is a group of cooks and bakers who collectively try out a new and challenging recipe each month and share their successes (or failures) at the end of each month. Its been a fun way to try making things I’d never […]

Baking Crostata

crostata ready to bake

This week I learned to make Crostata, an Italian tart made with a pasta frolla crust and filled with fruit preserves, or fresh fruit and pastry cream. In essence, a crostata is a fancy soundin’ name for a pie. I made mine in two varieties- cherry almond and caramel rhubarb, and both tasted pretty darn […]