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Its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

Snow in November?!

This morning when I woke up, this is the view that greeted me out the living room windows: Overnight a heavy blanket of white has fallen, frosting everything in 2 or 3 inches of snow. It looks beautiful and freeeezing out there. I’m still trying to wrap my head around snow in November. November. Really?! […]

Baking Crostata

crostata ready to bake

This week I learned to make Crostata, an Italian tart made with a pasta frolla crust and filled with fruit preserves, or fresh fruit and pastry cream. In essence, a crostata is a fancy soundin’ name for a pie. I made mine in two varieties- cherry almond and caramel rhubarb, and both tasted pretty darn […]

Raspberry Pavlova

Rapberry Pavlova

My thoughts on pavlova: It reminds me of my mum. Whenever we have a family get-together its the thing she always volunteers to bring. She has mastered The Pav after much trial and experimentation. Thanks Mum for passing on the knowledge! It reminds me of Christmas day when there is always pavlova loaded with cream […]

Pumpkin Soup

pumpkin soup

The days are getting cooler here now. Summer has long since waved her final farewell and when the wind blows you can feel the first hints of winter creeping into sight. Thankfully the unpleasant colder snap also brings with it the joys of winter scarves and gloves, hot chocolate with marshmallows and an almost permanent […]

Chocolate Chippie Biscuits

mini chocolate chip cookies

This is a recipe that’s been in the family forever, origin unknown. It’s very simple and quick to throw together. And it tastes delish. For variety it’s also nice to try adding chopped dried apricots, or chopped nuts into the mix. The cookie is almost shortbready in colour and taste and it also works well […]

Summer farewell

september cookies

For a summer-lover like me September brings the unwelcome first hints of autumn – the days get a little shorter and the temperature cools. September usually passes much too quickly for me as I try to cling desperately to the last vestiges of summer. October is a dark month then as I resign myself to […]

Cookies and cream cupcakes

I made these oreo cupcakes for a baby shower a couple of weeks ago. The cake is sweet, white and fluffy dotted with big cookie chunks. The 1/2 oreo cookie at the bottom is a sweet surprise which also helps hold the cake together somewhat while eating. The recipe for these cupcakes comes straight from […]

Baked Alaska

Baked Alaska

This is my first month as an official Daring Baker. The Daring Kitchen runs a monthly baking challenge, a fun way to challenge yourself to new recipes and get inspired by all the variations and delicious photos of other peoples baking creations. The August 2010 Daring Bakers’ challenge was hosted by Elissa of 17 and […]

Epic Fail Blondies

mini blondies - fail

It wouldn’t really be honest of me to show you only the beautiful dainty things I bake. Because, truthfully sometimes the things that come out of my oven are not pretty at all. See, look at these: Ewww huh?! They’re supposed to be blondie bites – blondie batter baked in mini muffin cups. They were […]


guacamole ingredients

I love avocado. The bright, fresh, green colour that greets you when you slice one in half. The versatility – you can put it in a salad or on toast, pair it with chicken or bacon, or mash it up and serve it on corn chips. Whatever you pair it with, it makes the dish […]