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Experimenting with microwave chips

microwave veg chips

Recently, I came across a blog post featuring Sweet Potato Chips that immediately grabbed my attention. Why? Because these crispy, sweet chips were cooked in the microwave in mere minutes with absolutely no oil. Uh yes please! I had to try it out immediately. I was beyond impressed when it actually worked. They tasted and […]

Pumpkin Soup

pumpkin soup

The days are getting cooler here now. Summer has long since waved her final farewell and when the wind blows you can feel the first hints of winter creeping into sight. Thankfully the unpleasant colder snap also brings with it the joys of winter scarves and gloves, hot chocolate with marshmallows and an almost permanent […]


guacamole ingredients

I love avocado. The bright, fresh, green colour that greets you when you slice one in half. The versatility – you can put it in a salad or on toast, pair it with chicken or bacon, or mash it up and serve it on corn chips. Whatever you pair it with, it makes the dish […]